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We focus on building long-term relationships between parents and babysitters based on trust. There are two ways to go about finding the babysitter who is the best fit for you. One way is to look at our babysitters and book the one you like.

In this case, the babysitter will reply within 24 hours to let you know if she will do the job. The advantage of this is that you can be sure that the person you like will respond, but the disadvantage is that there is a high chance that the babysitter you choose will not be exactly right for what you want, and it is slow to go one by one. The other option is to ask for a quote, in which case we send your request to all our babysitters and then send you a quote to those who accept.

The advantage of this is that whoever we recommend will definitely take what you ask for, but the disadvantage is that although everyone gets it, not everyone looks at it because we get a lot of requests for quotes in a day. You can go both ways at the same time.

So far, we have received more than 7,000 applications, of which just over 200 have been selected.

Because we are constantly oversubscribed, we have increasingly strict requirements for our babysitters and only work with the best. There are 3 parts to the process, firstly CVs are assessed.

A detailed application will be prepared with the best applicants and we will meet the best of them in person. By this time we know everything there is to know about someone, and at this point we only look for personal touch, identity and grooming. The main filter is to only choose people we would be happy to entrust our own children to.

Finally, we select the most suitable persons, taking into account all the needs of the families, distance, dates, gender and age of the child.

Yes, for regular babysitting, we offer 1 hour free introductory session.

In case of casual babysitting there is also the possibility to meet the babysitter at a pre-arranged time, at the same hourly rate as childcare.

In case of regular babysitting, however, 1 hour is not enough for either party to commit, but it is not necessary, as either party can legally leave the relationship immediately without giving a reason.

Of course, if a babysitter leaves a family without a reason, we would immediately terminate our cooperation with them, so there is no need to fear that the babysitter will disappear, nor has this ever happened.

But our families can easily withdraw from a relationship if sympathy or trust is lost.

There are few jobs that are as much about a trusting relationship as babysitting.

Therefore, as in any other relationship, there may be a lack of chemistry, a loss of sympathy, difficulties or even conflicts.

We spend a significant part of our working hours listening to our babysitters, answering their questions and encouraging them not to work alone.

In the same way, we also help parents if any questionable situation arises, trying to give advice based on previous experience to resolve misunderstandings without damaging trust.

If this is not possible, we will try to find a new babysitter as quickly as possible.

Cashless is one of our core values.

This is particularly important in an area where so many people work in the black.

The number one reason for going cashless is simplicity, so our families can pay with a click of a button without the awkward payment scenes and money exchanges.

The second reason to pay by card is transparency.

In the past, there were frequent discussions about hours worked and hours paid, but now that we have a system for payment, it is clear, transparent and you can retrieve the exact minute-by-minute account.

This also allows us to avoid having to deal with hours started and to account on a per-minute basis.

A report on the babysitting service is generated by our babysitters in a closed system and sent immediately to the parents by e-mail.

If a parent does not agree with the settlement, they can indicate this and, if everything is OK, they can pay by pressing a button.

So parents have nothing to do with the payment until they receive the settlement email.

If it gets lost in spam or somewhere else, they can pay directly in their own profile under the transactions tab.

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