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We're not a registration site, we're a real relationship builders!

Main tasks, jobs:

We believe that what's good for the babysitter is good for everyone. You decide when you work, we provide steady work, high hourly rates and a youthful team!

There's no compulsory course, no registration fee or anything like that, just go through the application process.

What we offer:

You can spend your working hours in many places, but there are few jobs as rewarding and fun as spending time with a child.

We'll make sure you do it in the best possible conditions and in the most protected way :)

Expectations of the job:

We're just looking for a babysitter...

  • ...who sees working with children as a vocation;
  • ...for whom it is not hard work, but a pleasure;
  • ...who has experience in babysitting.

We have to say no to a lot of families because we don't have enough babysitters, we are waiting for you :) Your CV will be evaluated within 48 hours.

Net monthly salary:

100 000 - 400 000 HUF

Apply now!

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