Payment is made by card, the first booking fee is 500 HUF, in addition you only have to pay the hourly rate :)

Base hourly rates

2 900 HUF/hour

They are new at our company but gained experience as babysitters before. They were chosen after a long process of selection.

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3 900 HUF/hour

Beside their knowledge and experience, they have spent enough time at our company to give our credits to them based on our client’s feedback.

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4 900 HUF/hour

Beside their experiences they have academic knowledge and diploma in pedagogy.

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Demands which affect prices:

discount (15-25 hours/week) -10%
discount (25-35 hours/week) -15%
discount (more than 35 hours/week) -20%
plus children +900 Ft/kid/hour
SND (Special Nursing Demand) +900 Ft/kid/hour
in foreign language (basic communication) +500 Ft/hour
in foreign language (strong communication) +900 Ft/hour
in foreign language (advanced communication) +1900 Ft/hour
travel expenses individually

As our babysitters are free to choose which families they take on and which they don't, we always involve them in negotiating the price variables. Consequently, the above prices are indicative and indicative but not definitive or binding.

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