The payment is made with a card, the first booking fee is 500 HUF, which will register you in our system.

By paying the first booking fee, you authorize us to automatically deduct the hourly rate of the babysitter after hours worked. There is no other cost than the one-time 500 HUF and the later hourly rates. We will always inform you about transactions! You do not have to pay our babysitters in cash!

Base hourly rates

Reliable 1800 HUF/hour Reliable They are new at our company but gained experience as babysitters before. They were chosen after a long process of selection.
Experienced 2300 HUF/hour Experienced Beside their knowledge and experience, they have spent enough time at our company to give our credits to them based on our client’s feedback.
Qualified 2800 HUF/hour Qualified Beside their experiences they have academic knowledge and diploma in pedagogy.

Demands which affect prices:

  • discount (15-25 hours/week) -10 %
  • discount (25-35 hours/week) -15 %
  • discount (more than 35 hours/week) -20 %
  • plus children +300 Ft/kid/hour
  • SND (Special Nursing Demand) +500 Ft/kid/hour
  • in foreign language (basic communication) +200 Ft/hour
  • in foreign language (strong communication) +500 Ft/hour
  • in foreign language (advanced communication) +1000 Ft/hour

Travel cost reimbursement

We offer a total of 1 hour trip free of charge. If traveling is more than one hour, we charge an hourly fee. In addition, if the babysitter has to buy tickets for a public transport vehicle or use his / her own car, we charge extra travel costs.

In the latter two cases the cost is counted by the babysitter and it should be paid with the hourly payment.

In the case of occasional babysitting, at night (if the sitter has to travel between 22:00 and 3:00) the babysitter must travel with taxi which fee has to be paid by the family.

In the case of regular babysitting, at night, the family and the babysitter have to negotiate the way of travelling. If the babysitter does not feel safe at the public vehicles at night, the family have to pay for taxi.

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