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10 000 hours of proven experience

2 500 Ft /hour


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Review by Krivacskáné Tóth Hajnalka

Kids: Márk (13 éves)

10 000 hours of babysitting in the family.

Melinda már több mint két évtizede a családunk szittere.Hat gyermekünket bíztuk rá ez idő alatt.Gyermekeink és mi is csaladtagként viszonyulunk hozzá.Mindig teljes körültekintés,határtalan figyelem és szeretet jellemzi a gyerekekkel együtt töltött időt.Kreativitása,játékossága határozottsaggal párosul,csúszik mászik ,bolondozik,de együtt is tanulnak amikor erre szükség van.A legmegbízhatóbb,a legsegítőkészebb ember,akivel eddig találkoztunk.

  • Ball games
  • Learning together
  • Songs, rhymes
  • Cooking
  • Non-smoker
  • Creative
  • Also in my home
  • Outdoor activities

When I was in my twenties, one of my dearest friend- who we are still keep in touch- asked me to take care of her two first kids, they were 6 and 7, later on she had more kids, who were 3;7;10;11 years old. Some times I eaven stayed over for weekends, because the parent were out. This kept happening for years, and the kids are all grown up now. Right now I am working at József Attila Child Protection Center, Gyöngyvirág Orphanage as a childminder, since 2021. May 1. Now I am going to a Social Assistant Advanched kurse, and from September I will study Social Pedagogy at Apor Vilmos Catholic Academy. I don't have my own child yet, this is why I can take extra work next to my main jobs. Right now I am living alone. I love going out to nature, taking hikes, but if the weather is bad, i can find something fun between the walls. I don't like the monitor schreen, I am more of a "diy, and creative activity" person. Im my opinion creative development is importsnt for kids. But keeping the kids and parents needs in the focus, naturally.

Once in a camp, when an 8-year-old defeted his fear. This was a scout camp, where there were mostly wooden accecory, and in front of every camp area were a fence. -it was compeatly safe, but still, he was scared. All week, he just wathed the others play on it. That kid is one of the kids I talked about before( my friend's kid, so we had/have a good relatision ship). In the last night at the camp fire, we were talking about bravery, when he looked at me, and said:" if you come with me, I will go up there!" And we went up... I was so proud of him. This is a forever loved memory.


folyamatban Szociális asszisztens

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