Everyone needs a good babysitter!

We created Lurkó Babysitter because we love children. We consider raising children to be the most meaningful and exciting job in life, and also the most noble and difficult profession, and therefore we consider it our mission to support parents.

In our fast-paced world, there is an increasing need for external help to maintain family balance. We believe that respite for full-time parents is as important as helping working parents.

For parents, the time off can be an investment in their own leisure, work or relationships.

Childcare with differentiated education!

Institutions, despite their ambition, are unable to treat every child individually as they work in classes, and they have to use schemas.

We seek a relationship with the child that is built on trust, without expectations and comparisons. We believe in differentiated education, always based on the child as a separate individual.

Our goal is to create an environment, where treatment is conformed to the child and they can feel themselves safe.

Behind the babysitters!

Babysitting is a lonely profession. As founders, we felt this for years before we set up Lurkó Babysitter.
We strive to create a background that our babysitters can rely on with confidence.

We are supporting them professionally and personally. We organise events and we are standing behind them as a group, so they do not have to feel solitude. Babysitters do not have to search for jobs or deal with self-advertisement but they can concentrate on kids, with all their energy.

All of our babysitters look at their jobs as their profession, so we believe that your children will be in loving and caring hands.

We promise to take care of her/him!

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