In the best hands

12 530 jelentkezőből kiválasztottuk az 495 legjobb bébiszittert Budapesten és környékén.

Show me the babysitters!

Why choose us?

Because we'll do everything we can to make sure your child is in the best hands when you can't be with them for whatever reason.

We can help you personally!

Despite the fact that we have thousands of families, we always provide help in the most personal way possible. We do this by automating what we can, but if it is not possible, or if someone needs it from the start, we can provide immediate assistance, even by phone.


We have the best!

We don't collect a database, but we know all our babysitters personally and have only chosen people we would trust our own children with.
from 12 530 applicants we have selected the best 495 babysitters!

12 530
The best
Our babysitters

Fair pricing!

We have babysitters in different price ranges, the beginners are cheaper but when a babysitter becomes experienced, we don't increase the hourly rate for existing families.

We give a discount on large numbers of hours and do our best to always find a point that is fair for both parties.

More on prices

How does our babysitting booking work?


You choose the babysitter you like.


Our babysitter will contact you within 24 hours of booking to discuss the details.

Meet the babysitter

The introduction is free and you can leave the relationship at any time in the future without giving any reason.

Make a reservation!

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